Why Visa DPS?

Because we have what it takes to help your portfolio perform better.

Operational Excellence

Nothing else matters without operational excellence. That's one of the key principles on which Visa founded its comprehensive processing service in 1996 and it's still a guiding principle today. Through our significant investments in people, processes, tools and technology, Visa DPS can deliver:

  • One authorization platform processing with capacity well over the 23 billion transactions processed in 20131
  • Dedicated and specialized infrastructure for debit and prepaid (as the account of record)
  • Value-added services (e.g., such as card management, fraud detection, mobile card services and more) designed to support both of these unique businesses

And because we're not burdened with the need to consolidate platforms that were built separately, support non-multitenant environments that create excess cost and quality control, or try to find synergies with acquired businesses, Visa DPS can focus our investment dollars on managing the scale, quality and excellence our clients expect. And that translates into optimized portfolio performance.

  • 1 Source: Visa DPS year-over-year transaction growth, October 2013.

Efficiency & Control

We understand that you're working in a climate of volatility fed by ever-changing regulation and marketplace dynamics. Add to that the rapid pace of technology gains and complexity, and constantly growing fraud threats, and it can be tough to stay ahead of it all. That's where Visa DPS can help.

Visa DPS "Single Pipe" Advantages

An integrated or "Single Pipe" processing capability, characterized by one highly robust connection for all debit, prepaid, and EFT processing, can help you navigate uncertain markets easier. This unique approach provides increased flexibility by allowing you to change network participation with limited disruption and implementation costs. Additionally, back office functions are simplified, the ability to segment portfolios and launch new products is enhanced, and fraud monitoring is more robust. The result is a model that delivers superior functionality and operates consistently, regardless of network routing dynamics.

Enhanced Web Services

Visa DPS has invested in expanding and enhancing our client-facing web services, making it easier for you to manage various aspects of your product offering, including prepaid, mobile and risk management.

Full-Service Capabilities

On the other hand, we've also built out our full–service capabilities, providing more service options around call center, disputes, card management, and prepaid strategic planning in Canada.

Together, these services give you the flexibility and control you need to effectively manage and scale your business.


Staying competitive in today's market isn't easy. You need an edge. And that's why Visa DPS works to develop innovations that are readily accessible to your customers. Take for example Visa DPS mobile card services, which provide ongoing support of multiple devices and operating systems. This incredibly cost-effective mobile option is built to complement the physical card, providing a migration path to mobile payments, offers and card utilization.

Plus, consider the important role that Visa DPS plays as an enabler of Visa solutions. It's your pathway into the most innovative payment solutions and services, including EMV, tokenization, Visa Checkout and more. Whatever the latest innovation—from risk management to mobile services to portfolio optimization—you can rest assured that Visa will be at the forefront and Visa DPS will represent the easiest and quickest path to solution enablement.

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