Maintain Continuity in the Payment Relationship Even When Account Information Changes

Visa Account Updater (VAU) enables the electronic exchange of updated account information among participating merchants, acquirers and Visa card issuers. Serving as an automated, dedicated and secure clearinghouse, VAU delivers updated cardholder account information in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner, benefiting acquirers, merchants, issuers and cardholders.

Key Features of Visa Account Updater

Visa DPS' daily settlement with all external networks eliminates the need to track individual positions or varying cutoff times for each network.

Using a secure protocol, issuers submit updated information to VAU. The updates are made available to acquirers quickly and cost-effectively. Acquirers request account information on behalf of their enrolled merchants, then forward it on to them.
VAU provides updated account information to merchants so that recurring transactions can continue without interruption. It is used prior to an authorization attempt and does NOT replace or alter normal authorization rules. The service simply enables higher probability of authorization approvals for non-credit-related decline reasons.
VAU provides daily and monthly management reports to both issuers and acquirers. Report delivery and access varies by each region.

How You and Your Customers Benefit

Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction While Lowering Customer Service Costs

Visa Account Updater delivers Issuers a number of benefits, including:

  • Maintains continuity of payment relationships by reducing the opportunity to switch payment method or cancel the service when account information changes
  • Helps achieve deeper penetration into the account-on-file segment
  • Improves customer service by minimizing declined transactions and increasing authorization approvals
  • Can increase revenue by minimizing customer switching of payment choice, thereby saving the revenue stream from recurring transactions
  • Helps decrease expenses by avoiding extra cost of processing declines, chargebacks and customer service

Serve Your Cardholders Better

On average, 30 percent of accounts incur a change to an account number or expiration date, or they are closed every year. When cardholders are inconvenienced—especially by unpredictable changes such as product upgrades and lost or stolen card replacements—they may not update all of the merchants with whom they have ongoing relationships. Consequently, account–on–file merchants continue to bill using out–of–date information, resulting in declined transactions and extra costs. In addition, when they contact the cardholder for updated information, they run the risk of payment switching or service cancellation. VAU provides updated account information to merchants so that recurring transactions can continue without interruption. Additional benefits include:

  • Offers a seamless account update process
  • Provides uninterrupted service from participating merchants
  • Reduces negative experiences caused by declines
  • Does not require cardholder action to communicate changes to participating merchants


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