Consolidate Your ATM, Debit, Credit and Prepaid Activity Into a Single Settlement Position.

Visa DPS helps you simplify your settlement process by providing a single settlement position for all of your ATM, debit, credit, and prepaid card activity—reducing the time, cost, and hassle of managing and settling to multiple network connections each banking business day.


Key Features of Visa Settlement Services

Choose Visa DPS for your settlement services and you'll reduce back-office costs by eliminating the need to track individual positions with multiple networks across varying network cutoff times. With Visa DPS Settlement Services, you get:

Visa DPS determines a single net settlement position for your financial institution each day at 8:00 AM Mountain Time and produces all associated data files and reports.
Visa DPS initiates only one wire transfer per day and manages the "float."
Visa DPS simplifies your settlement by faxing an automated Wire Confirmation Report to your financial institution, in addition to the standard reports generated and delivered via batch transmission. This report includes all relevant system totals used to determine the net settlement amount per settlement day, printed in a standard format. One Wire Confirmation Report is completed for each wire origination, based on the banking business day.

These comprehensive reports facilitate your financial institution's daily settlement and reconciliation process. Settlement report subtotals are configured to meet your financial institution's needs and are available by device and/or any grouping of devices (e.g., terminals can be grouped by state, geographic region, or merchant/business partner).

Depending on the products Visa DPS processes for you, you may require all or some of these reports to balance to the daily wire:

  • Cardholder Activity Report
  • Terminal Activity Report
  • Processor Settlement Report
  • Transaction Batch Summary Report
  • VisaNet DCS Miscellaneous Transaction Reports
  • VisaNet DCS Fee-Related Transaction Report
  • VisaNet Daily Settlement Summary Reports
  • ISA International Transaction by Hour Report

How You Benefit from Settlement Services

Streamline Your Back-Office

Visa DPS provides a single settlement position that eliminates the need to track your individual positions with multiple networks across varying network cutoff times, so you can lower administrative expenses. You'll also be able to:

Save Time

Regardless of the number of ATM and POS networks in which you participate, your organization can minimize the time staff spends on the settlement process.

Streamline Exception Processing

Because all approved exception items are integrated into your daily settlement, reducing the labor involved in exception item processing.

Enhance Information Management

A single set of daily settlement reports for all ATM and POS network activity makes it easier to understand and manage your network links. A raw data file is also available for reconciliation to your host system. Timely distribution of our settlement files and reports is the highest priority of our batch processing system.


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