Verified by Visa

Real-time Online Fraud Protection

Verified by Visa (VbV) works to confirm an online shopper's identity in real time by requiring an additional password or other data to help ensure that no one but the cardholder can use his Visa card online. This helps to prevent fraudulent purchases before they occur, giving cardholders and merchants confidence and security.

How does Verified by Visa Work?

Key Features of Verified by Visa

Visa hosts and maintains a customer registration website,, and validates cardholder identity at registration. Visa DPS authenticates enrolling cardholders using data you currently maintain in your cardholder file or data that you supply during a $1 pre-authorization transaction. Cardholders do not need new software or hardware on their computers to participate in Verified by Visa.
Authentication occurs using either data elements that reside within your cardholder file at Visa DPS, such as Social Security Number, or by utilizing data elements for a $1 pre-authorization transaction such as CVV2 or ZIP code.
Cardholders can choose to "re-authenticate" themselves if they forget their password. This minimizes instances of cardholders attempting to guess their password, potentially blocking future use of their card for Internet purchases.
Visa DPS provides turnkey cardholder support through a customer support service center or, at your option, you may provide your own cardholder support using an administrative console.

Helps you respond to cardholder inquires and enables your customer service representatives to complete the following tasks:

  • Deactivate/activate accounts
  • Unlock accounts
  • Reset cardholders passwords
  • Issue temporary passwords

Visa DPS provides comprehensive reports to monitor and track service performance through the administrative console including:

  • Enrollment reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Card Status reports
Visa DPS can provide full-service exception item processing, or you may provide your own exception processing services using the Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) value for submitting chargebacks.
Send individualized emails based on cardholders' actions—confirm successful enrollment in the service, communicate benefits, etc.

Visa provides a full range of prepared marketing materials to support your Verified by Visa program including:

  • In-branch marketing materials
  • Letter packages
  • Self-mailer
  • Messaging and web elements
  • Statement inserts

How You and Your Customers Benefit

Streamline Operations While Increasing Sales

By authenticating the cardholder before the purchase, you can realize reduced operational expenses and chargeback handling costs related to unauthorized use of Visa cards for Internet purchases. And by improving transaction security, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty that helps to boost overall sales.

Four Enrollment Options Drive Participation

Visa DPS offers four flexible enrollment options including:

  1. Activation anytime. Cardholders visit and enter their Visa card number. If not enrolled in the service, they are asked to complete an activation page. After entering the required identity information, the cardholder creates a password.
  2. Full-service website. Cardholders register using a full-function, issuer-branded Verified by Visa website maintained by Visa DPS. The site allows cardholders to enroll, create a password, and change their password. It also provides cardholders with customer service contact information.
  3. Activation during shopping. While shopping at participating Verified by Visa merchants, pop-up window prompts cardholders to enroll in the service and create a password.
  4. Mass enrollment. Cardholders are enrolled automatically in the Verified by Visa service and assigned pre-defined password delivered via a secure mailer.

A New Level of Confidence for Online Shopping

Verified by Visa gives customers an extra layer of security against fraudulent activity related to use of their Visa card on line. When customers see the Verified by Visa symbol at checkout, they can rest assured that their online transactions are protected by the brand they know and trust.


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