Tokenization Readiness

Tokenization “readiness” means much more than just being able to process a payment transaction using a token in place of a traditional PAN. In today’s increasingly complex environment, a whole host of systems and functions must act in harmony to deliver next-generation transaction services that are secure, reliable, convenient, and support an issuer’s payment strategies effectively.

From enrollment to configuration to the calibration of fraud rules and more, DPS takes on the heavy lifting associated with program deployment on behalf of its issuers to ensure that as new entrants to the token marketplace, they are benefiting from the experience gained by DPS.

This is how DPS defines readiness and we are ready.

What is the DPS Approach?

Key Features of Visa Token Service

Visa Token Service is a comprehensive mobile payment solution. It’s fully aligned in supporting key use cases and makes it easy to integrate with DPS products and services:

As one of the the first issuer processors in the U.S. to support Visa and MasterCard Tokenization, DPS has plenty of experience with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Pay and numerous card-on-file use cases. And with new providers rapidly coming to market, DPS has the scale to help you with efficient, end-to-end implementation quickly and securely.

Apple Pay Samsung Pay Android Pay
Token notification and provisioning is easy: our implementation team is responsible for enrollment and configuration, as well as implementing risk rules to manage token provisioning. DPS also offers a streamlined token provisioning service that sends consumer notifications to their mobile devices.
Issuers can outsource consumer inquiries to a dedicated DPS live agent contact center to handle general mobile wallet questions, as well as step-up authentication processes. Round-the-clock or during off-hours options are some of the flexible choices available.Learn More
Optimize security by providing context-based “step-up” authentication as needed based on a user’s activity score. Configurable rules are convenient to set and frictionless to implement utilizing Visa’s Token LifeCycle Management tool.
Adding token services doesn’t have to mean adding complications to your business. The Visa Data Manager reporting platform is a powerful tool that automatically integrates new token-related data elements into standardized and customizable reports, such as creating analytics around specific wallet programs.Learn More
Our approach fully incorporates support for tokenized transactions into our multi-layered fraud prevention tools—including Visa DPS Risk Services Manager and FICO Falcon Fraud Manager. And Visa Token Service is based on the EMVCo global standard of tokenization and utilizes EMV technology that also protects businesses from fraud liability.Learn More

Download Token Service Product Profile

Download Token Service Product Profile

How You and Your Customer Benefit

Easy to Implement Comprehensive Solutions

Implementing the latest innovations in banking is quicker and easier than ever before through your partnership with Visa DPS. Wrap-around services offer efficient implementation that locks in the features and services you need, from enrollment and configuration, to fraud rules and provisioning.

Minimal Technical Changes Required

Visa DPS offers the scale and technology innovations that give you immediate access and speed to market with the newest payment and commerce services, quickly and securely. With DPS managing token implementation end-to-end, the need to make changes to your host systems is minimized.

Minimize Costs and Resource Requirements

Reduce the financial burden of expensive contact centers by outsourcing calls to our dependable, world-class service.

Superior Customer Support 24/7

Consumers get live, courteous support from trained contact center representatives who’ll help them with those digital payment questions or a step up authentication. Your customers can trust they’re getting the convenient and private service they deserve.

Ensure Safe and Secure Payments

Visa tokenization, the global standard in mobile payments, provides your customers with a safe and secure way to make payments—whether online or on the go.

Offer Seamless Access to Popular Payment Methods

Give your cardholders seamless access to Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with their Visa card. These digital solutions make everyday purchases simple and secure.

See Visa Digital Solutions in Action

Watch the short animated video to learn more about the digital payment process and Visa’s role as the end-to-end solution provider.


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