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Visa DPS offers a variety of flexible risk management services to help you reduce losses and lower administrative expenses associated with managing fraud. From dual advanced fraud detection neural networks to sophisticated fraud analysis tools and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Why Visa DPS Risk Management?

When it comes to risk management and fraud detection, you can't afford to take chances. With Visa, you get proven performance with fraud mitigation tools that are easy to implement and manage:

Turn fraud detection into a valuable marketing advantage

With VISA DPS Managed Real-Time Decisioning, Visa was able to transform fraud detection from a business challenge into a valuable marketing advantage.


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Dial up your fraud detection without disrupting cardholders

We were very excited to hear about this service from Visa DPS. And because of our positive history with them, we had full faith MRT would give us a new level of fraud protection with minimal member disruption.


Risk Analyst
Delta Community Credit Union
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Key Features of Risk Management

Visa DPS' innovative fraud risk management solution offers an array of features, including:

VAA is a comprehensive risk management tool that monitors and evaluates VisaNet® authorizations in real time, helping you immediately identify and respond to emerging fraud patterns and trends. As transactions are processed through the VisaNet system, VAA evaluates the authorization request data and assesses and assigns risk, allowing you to evaluate and make more informed decisions. Financial institutions that process through Visa DPS may exclusively receive the VAA score on all their transactions, regardless of the acquiring network used by the merchant.
Visa utilizes FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager, a neural network platform that performs sophisticated fraud scoring to identify relationships and patterns often missed by traditional fraud detection methods. Use it to design customized anti-fraud strategies that successfully detect and stop potentially fraudulent activity. The system also provides operational and statistical reports to help you measure the success of your anti-fraud program.
With Visa DPS managed real-time decisioning, suspected fraud decline strategies are configured based on your institution's risk tolerance. Dowload Product Profile
Risk Services Manager provides an easy-to-use, client-managed rules engine to help catch and block suspect transactions. These rules may be used alone or in conjunction with Falcon Fraud Manager and are especially effective at catching unique fraud incidents, enabling you to stop authorization requests prior to approval.Download Product Profile
Visa North America Contact Center (NACC) offers a high-quality, turnkey fraud call center solution for financial institutions using Falcon Fraud Manager. Available around-the-clock or as a part-time option, NACC fraud analysts monitor your customers' transaction activity, contact cardholders to review suspicious transactions, and respond to cardholders' inquiries related to their fraud situations.
Visa North America Contact Center (NACC) can accept lost/stolen card notifications and card activation requests 24/7 from your cardholders. This around-the-clock support helps protect you and your cardholders from potential fraudulent activity. Full-time VRU capabilities enable cardholders to activate their new or reissued cards whenever it's most convenient for them.
Risk edits and authorization processing options help reduce your fraud exposure. Edit checks may be set at the financial institution, card group, or individual cardholder level. You may set limits separately for cash and POS activity, and timeframes may be set for single- or multiple-day periods.

For even greater card program protection and reduced fraud, these programs validate additional data in the authorization message:

  • Cardholder Verification Value (CVV). Validates a unique three-digit code on the magnetic stripe of all cards to detect counterfeit or re-encoded cards.
  • Cardholder Verification Value 2 (CVV2). Verifies a unique value, printed on the reverse side of the card, to reduce fraudulent card-not-present transactions.
  • Dynamic Cardholder Verification Value (dCVV). Validates a dynamic three-digit code provided by the chip on a contactless card to detect fraud.
  • Integrated Circuit Card Verification Value (iCVV). Validates an alternate Card Verification Value that an issuer may encode on a chip instead of the standard Card Verification Value contained in the magnetic stripe of the chip card.
  • Address Verification Service (AVS). Enables merchants to confirm a cardholder's billing address to prevent fraud in the card-not-present environment.
VbV makes Internet purchases safer by authenticating a cardholder's identity in real time during an online Visa card transaction. Learn More
With Visa Data Manager's fraud analytics and insights tools, you can identify the common point of purchase, and then establish a potential list of impacted cardholders for immediate, proactive communication.

This optional service enables participating clients to designate individual cardholders for special transaction processing and manual fraud case review, providing traveling and VIP cardholders a higher level of service. The VIP Travel Monitor Service may offer the following benefits and features:

  • Increase cardholder satisfaction by reducing negative purchasing experiences for traveling cardholders.
  • Provide a higher level of service to cardholders by removing them from automated fraud systems.
  • Limit the number of false positive suspect fraud cases associated with traveling or VIP cardholders.
  • Increase cardholder retention through hands-on delivery of fraud case management.
  • Provide a premium, 24/7 monitoring capability that enables cardholders to verify transactions with a dedicated toll-free number.
  • Allow issuers to easily manage travel monitoring at the cardholder level at any time using the Card & Account Maintenance Client Administrative Tools and Services (CATS) application, or through batch processes.

Visa Risk Management & Fraud Detection Product Profile


How You and Your Customers Benefit

Protect Your Card Programs with Comprehensive Risk Management Coverage

We'll tailor services to your financial institution's needs, risk characteristics, and goals. By combining processing scale, advanced technology, and years of risk management experience, we can provide you with an affordable yet complete risk management program. The Visa DPS solution provides multi-layered fraud defense:

  • Deep interrogation of transactions to produce richer information from which issuers can make decisions and act, either in real-time or after the fact (e.g., approve/deny, investigate, contact cardholder immediately).
  • Precise, effective fraud rules that can be quickly defined, tested, deployed, and tailored to issuer tolerances and goals, and to the specific needs of groups of cardholders or individuals.
  • Managed solutions delivered by Visa DPS experts that help issuers define, deploy, and change fraud rules based on their business strategies and risk tolerances.

Reduce Fraud Losses to Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Our approach combines the latest fraud detection tools including FICO Falcon Fraud Manager, Visa Advanced Authorization, and Visa DPS Risk Services Manager to help minimize your losses.

Hear Brent's Viewpoint

Brent is a diagnostic ace who can determine the right processing solution for every client, every time. Here he explains how Visa helps clients fight fraud–and boost program success.

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Protect Cardholders with World-Class Customer Service

You can depend on Visa North America Contact Center (NACC) for full-function fraud call center services including monitoring, rules management, confirmation calls, high score/non-contact block options, and 24/7 access for cardholders to block/unblock and activate their cards.

Maximum Protection
Minimal Impact

Visa's advanced risk management features, including neural network technology, have you covered against fraud losses while giving your cardholders the confidence to use their cards.


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