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Backed by the largest Visa debit issuer processor and retail electronic payments network in the world, Visa DPS has been delivering industry-leading prepaid processing services since 2001.
Our fully integrated, flexible processing solution enables you to select the functions you need to differentiate your card products, seize new opportunities and stay competitive.

Why Prepaid?

Offering prepaid processing options can strengthen your relationships with existing clients and create opportunities. Using prepaid cards in innovative new ways can help you:

Take advantage of new market opportunities

We have consistently been impressed with the prepaid expertise Visa prepaid processing Service brings to the table. Our relationship manager has been a strong advocate for our needs. And because it's part of the larger Visa organization, our work with Visa prepaid processing has given us great access to product experts who have helped us develop new ideas and marketing concepts.

Angela Finn

President Manager of Debit and Prepaid Products
Commerce Bank
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Reach consumers not currently in the financial mainstream

The card was there when you needed it. You didn't have to worry about security, or about cashing a check, or having any cash on you. You could just go and if you needed clothes, food, water, or whatever it might be, you just went and swiped your card.

Jamie Dunn

Navy Federal Credit Union
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Key Features of Visa Prepaid Processing

Visa offers a modular, scalable, integrated solution to meet your prepaid goals. Choose features designed to support your prepaid goals.

PAS is a browser-based tool that makes it easy to manage your prepaid card program's back-office and account maintenance functions.

PAS functions include:

  • Account enrollment and issuance
  • Account maintenance
  • Cardholder customer service
  • Funds and fee management
  • Fraud and compliance management
  • Card inventory management

PAT is a browser-based tool that helps employers and your commercial customers manage their prepaid card programs online.

PAT functions include:

  • Individual or batch cardholder enrollment and issuance
  • Account maintenance
  • Employer/company funds management
  • Data exports for system updates
  • Cardholder customer service
  • Program information
  • Cardholder Website. Take advantage of a client–branded website featuring access to a full range of prepaid card services that can be configured for cardholder self–care and/or card sales.
  • Voice Response Unit (VRU). An automated phone system for cardholder care that supports balance inquiry, card activation, transaction history, PIN selection, VRU password change, suspend or reactivate a card and transfer to a Customer Service Representative.

Benefit from premium prepaid authorization services that fit your needs. Visa's flexible, reliable authorization system, with continuous availability, is specifically designed for the prepaid marketplace and provides the following services:

  • Approve or deny transactions using extensive authorization parameters including card verification, available card balance, Address Verification Service (AVS), CVV/CVV2 and expiration date.
  • Automatic Fuel Dispenser (AFD) transaction support enables you to reduce authorization risk through the use of status check messages, partial authorization and Visa's real-time clearing service.
  • Visa POS Balance Inquiry Service support allows cardholders to verify the remaining value on their cards at participating merchants.

Visa prepaid processing combines industry–standard fraud tools, such as Falcon® Fraud Manager, with products and services specifically designed for the prepaid marketplace to deliver an integrated solution.

Using your parameters and risk strategies, the service helps to reduce fraud by monitoring and identifying suspect card buyers and recipients, fraudulent enrollment attempts, suspect funding transactions and suspect transactions.

New accounts may be established using PAS/PAT, your cardholder website, web services message, batch file, CSV file upload or bulk order options. Additional features include:

  • Instant Issue. Enables you to instantly load and activate prepaid cards at branch, retail or corporate locations for immediate use by cardholders.
  • Corporate Ordering Service. Allows corporate customers to order large quantities of Visa Gift cards, view purchase history and check order status via a self-service website.
  • Fund with Credit/Debit Card Transactions. Accept client–branded and/or foreign–issued credit/debit cards for purchase and reloads.
  • Fund with ACH Deposits. Send NACHA–formatted files to Visa, up to four times per day, for immediate processing.
  • Fund with Company Account/Cash. Move funds utilizing tools outside the Visa system.
  • Cash Reload Networks. Allow cardholders to add value to their prepaid cards at participating merchant locations through Visa ReadyLink, MasterCard RePower and GreenDot MoneyPak.
  • Value Reload Options. Let cardholders set their own loading and reloading schedule (with a valid funding account on file).
  • Cardholder Fee Management. Supports more than 70 fee types for maximum flexibility in assigning fee structures to your prepaid programs.
  • Promotional Codes. Create special fee schedules for promotions.
  • Card Inventory Management. Provides an automated mechanism for managing card inventory–down to the branch location and card design–and generating new card stock orders via PAS.
  • Reporting and Data Export. Multi–level daily and monthly card activity reports enable you to easily and efficiently reconcile your central funds pool, manage your prepaid programs and mine customer data.
  • Cardholder Statements. Supports periodic statements in paper and electronic formats. Cardholders can also view their statements on your cardholder website.
  • Email Alerts. Automatically generated emails help you communicate with your cardholders about their prepaid cards.
  • Text Message Alerts. Stay in touch with cardholders, no matter where they are with immediate text message notifications.
  • Experienced team of Account and Implementation experts to promptly respond to client prepaid precessing inquires and questions.
  • 24/7 Cardholder Support Services. Provides full–time and after–hours support for cardholder inquiries via a dedicated toll–free number specific to your program.
  • Card Management Services. Supports complete card fulfillment services for issuance and reissuance of card plastics and PIN mailers through multiple card vendors.
  • Exception Processing. Offers full–service exception and dispute processing, or provides you with the tools you need to process exception items in–house.
  • Marketing Materials. Visa provides numerous turnkey marketing materials.
Visa prepaid cards represent a rapidly growing market opportunity for financial institutions. Now, Visa DPS prepaid processing offers a program that makes it possible for you to tap into this new market with a prepaid card that features your brand – at a fraction of the cost. And your program can be up and running in a matter of weeks.Read More

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Prepaid Card Products

Gift Card

Offer an easy–to–purchase, flexible–amount gift option that's appropriate for any occasion.

Gift cards answer the need in the marketplace for a gift-buying option that offers the benefits of a conventional gift certificate or store-bought gift card with the buying flexibility of a debit card. It's ideal for all gift-giving occasions and cardholders can use the card to buy what they want, where and when they want. Gift cards are welcome everywhere debit cards are accepted—at millions of locations worldwide, including Internet and mail order/telephone order merchants. They may be sold in branches, via your consumer website and/or distributed through your corporate clients.

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Payroll Card

Create new revenue streams with a convenient, low-cost alternative to paychecks.

Payroll cards are an innovative payment solution to help businesses reduce payroll costs, increase efficiency, and build employee loyalty. The ideal alternative to paper payroll checks, it's a reloadable prepaid card that can be used to pay both W2 and 1099 workers. Each pay period, the employee's pay is instantly loaded onto the card. Employees can then use their cards everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, and get cash at millions of ATMs worldwide.

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Teen Card

Tap into the youth segment with a card that encourages responsible spending.

Teen cards are prepaid, reloadable cards created especially for teens. Teen cards make it easy for parents to help teach teens financial responsibility. A parent simply enrolls their teen in the program, and then loads money onto the prepaid card. Parents retain complete control of the account and can view the spending history at any time. For teens, the card is more than just a tool that teaches financial responsibility–it's independence. They have their own card to use everywhere debit cards are accepted–that's millions of locations worldwide. As a full-service teen card processor, Visa prepaid processing provides a turnkey program that puts you on the fast track to card issuance.

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General Purpose Reloadable Card

Offer underserved consumer prestige, convenience and safety.

The General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) card solution can help you build and expand your existing card portfolio and efficiently serve a new base of customers–the nearly 80 million consumers who don't have bank accounts, have limited access to credit and/or use check cashing services. Offering the General Purpose Reloadable card is a smart, secure way to serve a previously untapped segment and help increase your revenue stream through fees on initial card sales, reloads and interchange.

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Commercial Card

Give mid-sized and large companies a way to simplify financial management with Visa.

The Visa Commercial card combines many of the most powerful Visa business payment solutions into a single, flexible card for travel and entertainment costs, procurement, fleet expenses–or any combination of the three. Here are some of the ways a Visa Commercial card account can help your business customers:

  • Convenient payment for almost any business-related transaction, from office supplies to airline tickets.
  • Cost-effective purchasing and accounts payable processing.
  • Decreased card administration, freeing company resources.
  • Improved management reporting that allows your company to group and analyze spending data by expense type, Merchant Category Code, geography, and more.

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Incentive Card

A smarter, more cost-effective way to motivate, excite and reward.

The Visa Incentive card offers businesses an innovative and effective way to motivate consumers, employees, sales teams and distributors. It's the ideal alternative to traditional paper checks and merchandise awards. And it's a smart solution that can increase your clients' satisfaction as well as your bottom line.

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Government Card

Help agencies save money by replacing costly paper checks, vouchers and cash payouts with electronic disbursements.

With Visa Government cards, payments are automatically issued to the cards, so cardholders have instant access to their money. For benefits recipients without traditional banking accounts, Visa Government cards open the door to financial inclusion. The cards work everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted – in stores, online, and by phone – and at more than a million ATMs worldwide.

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How You and Your Customers Benefit

Differentiate to Stay Competitive

Our configurable platform enables you to differentiate your prepaid card products, seize new opportunities, implement multiple market-driven programs simultaneously and stay competitive.

Hear Celeste's Viewpoint

Celeste is an Account Executive who's tapped into new products from Visa and never fails to give her clients first-mover advantage. Listen as she explains how Visa goes the extra mile to help customers succeed.

Listen to Celeste

Comprehensive Cardholder Support Strengthens Relationships

A variety of dedicated cardholder support features–such as a client-branded website that can be configured for cardholder self-care and/or card sales and a voice response unit–enhance client satisfaction and help to drive further adoption of your prepaid programs.

Comprehensive Website

Customers have access to a full-range of prepaid card services online, including:

  • Enroll and register online
  • Activate a card
  • Select a PIN
  • View balance and transaction history
  • Manage passwords
  • Suspend or reactivate a card
  • Access program information and FAQs

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