Valuable Cardholder and Transaction Data at Your Fingertips

Visa Data Manager (VDM) is a best-in-class data warehousing, analytics and reporting platform designed to gather and aggregate all of your card transaction data so you can make smarter—and potentially more profitable—business decisions. To help you better manage your business, VDM automatically gathers and aggregates billions of historic transactions and cardholder records stored and managed by Visa DPS. VDM then turns it all into easy-to-understand information about cardholders, merchants, ATMs and card activity and delivers it right to your desktop so you can get a clear picture of your business.

Why Visa Data Manager?

Visa Data Manager gives you the data you need to better understand where you've been, where you are today, and helps you get to where you want to be.

Uncover insights and opportunities for saving money

With all of the savings we've seen, Visa Data Manager will pay for itself many times over.

Alan Druso

First Vice President, Card Services
First Financial
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Make the informed decisions that lead to more successful campaigns

Before, we were blindly sending mailings to debit cardholders without understanding how to get them to change behaviors. But with VDM and the portfolio optimization program, we are able to make informed decisions, run effective campaigns and see the key results.

Molly Steele

Card Projects & Analysis Manager
Navy Federal Credit Union
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Streamline day-to-day operations and long-term operational planning

Visa Data Manager is such an easy product. It's always enhancing and making life easier for those of us in the back-office.

Trevor Fields

Assistant Vice President
Deposit Support Manager
Sterling Savings Bank
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Key Features of Visa Data Manager

Visa Data Manager is a powerful tool that integrates all your transaction, cardholder and ATM data, providing a holistic view of your program right at your desktop. It also features:

A series of dynamically generated charts and graphs that correspond to key business metrics and provide daily insight into your business.

A series of pre-defined, statistical management reports, including Visa Scorecard inputs. This powerful tool allows users to view, schedule, define, modify and download standard processing reports. Customizable features include:

  • Add/delete fields
  • Modify graphs
  • Define and apply filters
  • Change sort criteria
  • Save newly defined reports and parameters
  • Export reports into CSV format
Use the summary daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly totals. This repository contains a variety of metrics for the issuer, acquirer and merchant. Your transaction data remains on the system and can be accessed for two years with the monthly and quarterly totals, and five years with the annual totals.
Use the daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly totals stored at the cardholder level. This repository contains a variety of metrics by card number including card status, activation status, expiration information, card segment and usage metrics. Your cardholder data remains on the system and can be accessed for six months.
Use the full transaction detail repository. Data remains on the system and can be accessed for one year.
Enjoy a convenient, secure, web-based interface that can be accessed via the Client Administrative Tools and Services (CATS) system — a browser-based portal providing single sign-on access to Visa DPS back-office applications.

Visa Data Manager Product Profile


How You and Your Customers Benefit

Saves You Time and Money

Visa Data Manager frees you from the burden and expense of creating and managing a massive custom database and the constraints of limited reporting provided by standardized reports.

Simplifies Management Reporting

Visa Data Manager makes it easy to review and analyze your transaction data through pre–defined, easy to understand reports. Choose from a series of standard statistical management reports, modify an existing report template to customize your output or create a new ad–hoc report of your own.

Improves Business Management and Portfolio Performance

Key business metrics allow you to see where your business is going, build new strategies and devise more effective tactics. Get a clearer picture of cardholders' purchasing activities and more efficiently target them for promotional offers, product initiatives and more. Insight provided by Visa Data Manager can help you uncover and assess opportunities and challenges.

Serve Your Customers Better Through Personalized Offers

Serve your customers better through personalized offers. Visa Data Manager helps you more accurately determine what cardholders want so you can develop personalized offers. And the more relevant your offers, the more likely they are to drive adoption and increase customer satisfaction.


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