Deepen Cardholder Relationships with Targeted Customizable Marketing and Communications

Your cardholders represent a built–in revenue opportunity, but effectively marketing to them can take time and resources. Visa Portfolio Optimization simplifies deployment of marketing campaigns and contextual messaging so you can actively refine your portfolio, encourage card use, and optimize profitability. Best of all, as a Visa DPS customer, you can do this without the time, resources, and security risk of sending your data outside the system. It's all integrated in the Visa DPS service.

How does Visa Portfolio Optimization Work?

Key Features of Visa Portfolio Optimization

An integrated service from Visa DPS, Visa Portfolio Optimization features:

This state-of-the-art data warehousing, analytics, and reporting solution delivers easy access to the information you need to help optimize portfolio performance, address fraud, and grow your payments business. Use it to segment and target your campaigns for better performance.Learn More

Standard Portfolio Optimization campaigns include:

  • Cardholder activation–to activate newly issued cardholders
  • Cardholder zero transaction–to reach either newly issued or dormant cardholders
  • MCC group promotion–including bill pay, small ticket, etc.
  • Heavy ATM usage–to reach the heavy cash users
  • POS usage–to drive increased POS usage
  • Merchant promotion–to drive transactions with a specific merchant or group of merchants
  • General Campaign–load a list of cards and send any communication
  • Chained lifecycle Campaign–move cardholders from one campaign to the next
Portfolio Optimization makes testing audiences, delivery channels, and offers easy by automating implementation and tracking of A/B groupings.
Know how your cardholders are reacting to your marketing message. Did they open the email or text message? Did they select any of the links? Did they fulfill the offer? Portfolio Optimization fully manages the campaign and fulfills all offers.

Visa Portfolio Optimization Product Profile


How You and Your Customers Benefit

Improve Performance While Streamlining Communications

Portfolio Optimization helps you effectively target cardholders with compelling offers that motivate activation and build usage in key categories. And with point–and–click simplicity for rule set–up and offer definition, delivery, fulfillment, and tracking, the entire communication process is streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Minimize Your Expenses
Measure Your ROI

Visa Data Manager eliminates the financial burden of building and maintaining your own in–house database. It also simplifies tracking and analysis so you can clearly evaluate campaign returns.

Navy Federal Credit Union & Portfolio Optimization

"Thanks to solid teamwork and the findings of Visa's VDM tool, Molly and Lisa's direct mail campaign saw a surprising 20% response rate, with a majority of people continuing bill pay with their debit card even after the initial incentive posted."

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Increase Engagement Without Spamming Cardholders

By streamlining campaign implementation, Portfolio Optimization makes it easier for you to send promotions or communications that cardholders will find relevant. At the same time, automated velocity checks prevent over-communication that could potentially become an annoyance.


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