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Consolidate processing for all of your networks through Visa DPS and enjoy the strategic integration, operational simplicity, and cost-effectiveness of our single-point Network Gateway Services. You'll have one connection for all your transactions, an experienced processor handling all the technical aspects of network connectivity, and a consolidated end-of-day settlement that can reduce costs and enhance back-office efficiency.

Why Visa Network Gateway Services?

Streamlined for Operational Advantage

With a single connection to Visa DPS, your institution has access to all major networks:

Key Features of Visa Network Gateway Services

Visa DPS' daily settlement with all external networks eliminates the need to track individual positions or varying cutoff times for each network.

Our single-point exception processing for all chargebacks and adjustments simplifies your operations and minimizes staff training.
Our easy-to-use, online tools give you complete insight into your operations with all networks and consolidated reporting capabilities for improved operational management.
The Visa DPS fraud management services you elect to use — including Falcon Fraud Manager, Risk Services Manager, and optionally Visa Advanced Authorization (VAA) — will be applied to your institution's non–Visa network volume the same as your Visa network volume, providing you with a single solution and the same level of protection regardless of the payment network used by the merchant for routing.
Processing all of your networks through Visa DPS enables you to offer consistent support for your cardholders — from the information we provide to your host system and services provided by our call center to the implementation of innovative new products such as Visa DPS mobile services and Visa Checkout.

Visa Network Gateway Processing Product Profile



Simplify and Streamline to Reduce Effort and Costs

Your financial institution's single-point connection to Visa DPS enables you to consolidate all of your card-based authorization, including ATM and POS network activity, on an integrated platform—reducing telecommunications costs, eliminating redundant functionality, and streamlining back-office procedures. Using Visa Network Gateway Services can also help you:

Manage External Networks

Including maintaining interfaces, supporting connectivity, and incorporating network upgrades and other mandates–freeing you from these time—consuming tasks.

Streamline Operations

All network adjustments and chargebacks are entered through a PC workstation located at your financial institution, streamlining exception item processing

Simplify Settlement and Reporting

Consolidated settlement and network activity reporting simplifies daily reconciliation, balancing, and enhances information management.


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