Leverage the Interlink POS Network to Grow Debit Card Usage

Join the growing list of financial institutions that rely on Interlink® as their PIN-based POS network. Combined with the Visa Debit card, you'll benefit from consolidated nationwide PIN–based debit payment coverage, streamlined operations and customer service, and lower program costs.

Why Interlink?

Although debit transactions have grown rapidly in the last few years, cash and checks still make up 29% of Personal Consumption Expenditures. This represents a significant opportunity for financial institutions that add Interlink functionality.

Personal Consumption Expenditure by Payment Type

Key Features of Interlink

Interlink is part of an end-to-end debit processing offering from Visa DPS with the following features:

Reduce vulnerability with these innovative risk prevention and fraud–loss mitigation capabilities:

  • Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP). Data security requirements enforce the highest security standards with any entity that stores, processes, or transmits Visa cardholder information.
  • Advanced Authorization. Visa fraud mitigation service provides in–flight risk scores as well as Falcon neural network scoring.
  • Cross–Visa–Brand Compliance. Compliance process helps issuers recover counterfeit–fraud losses due to compromised data on Visa, Interlink or Visa/Plus ATM.
Card-swiped, face-to-face, single-message, PIN-always debit solution.
If you are unable to provide online authorization, Visa DPS stand-in processing automatically makes the authorization decision that maximizes system reliability and cardholder trust.
Interlink supports cash back at the point of sale. Merchant and acquirer participation is optional, and merchants may designate maximum cash disbursement amounts.
Participating in Interlink is easy—simply use your existing infrastructure for processing PIN-based transactions.

Complement your Interlink implementation with any of these optional services:

  • Advanced Authorization Workstation. Web–based fraud case management application gives issuers the necessary information for investigating high–fraud–risk transactions.
  • Compromised Account Management System. Visa notification system alerts you when an account has been compromised.
  • Real–Time Decisioning. Parameter–driven system allows issuers to use real–time decline rules developed by Visa DPS fraud experts based on pre–selected issuer criteria.

How You and Your Customers Benefit

Maximize Your ROI

Implementing Interlink as part of Visa's comprehensive debit processing solution can help you minimize expenses while increasing revenue.

  • Eliminates redundant costs and procedures by consolidating acceptance
  • Reduces payment processing costs by displacing cash and checks
  • Offers advantageous revenue opportunities and cost structure
  • Contributes to lower account turnover and preservation of core deposits
  • Streamlines back-office operations

Give Customers the Convenience and Security of Interlink

Enhance cardholder satisfaction with the utility, convenience, safety, and protection of Interlink:

  • Acceptance. Typically Interlink is accepted wherever PIN pads are present in the United States
  • Cash Back with Purchases. Available at participating merchants.
  • Added Convenience. Faster and easier than writing a check, and safer than carrying cash.
  • Valuable Security;
    • Visa Zero Liability Policy. Protects cardholders from fraudulent purchases, even if their card is lost or stolen.
    • Chargeback Protection. Gives cardholders the right to dispute payment for unsatisfactory goods or services.


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