Mobile Card Services

Turnkey Mobile Solutions to Extend Your Cardholder Relationships

With Visa DPS mobile card services, you can give cardholders a greater sense of control and security while building loyalty to their card and your brand. Available for iPhone and Android devices, this white–label solution for debit, credit, and prepaid card services is a great way to increase the profitability of your card portfolio, extend your mobile footprint, and deepen your customer relationships.

Why Visa Mobile Card Services?

Key Features of Mobile Card Services

Customers can access card account information from iPhones and Android devices.
The fully configurable solution allows branding and feature-set selection based on your requirements.

Allow customers to receive a variety of alerts via email, SMS, or push notification depending on type of card and processor relationship.

  • For any Visa issuer – Send alerts even on BINs not processed by Visa DPS, as long as Visa or DPS can see the transaction.
  • On prepaid transactions – Issuers who process with Visa DPS can send prepaid alerts when funds are added, when balances are low, when the card status or profile changes, and more.
The easy-to-use system encourages your customers to increase card usage by allowing them to register directly from their mobile device.
Depending on the type of card and processor relationship, cardholders can check balances, transfer funds, add funds, and in the near future, make deposits directly from their mobile device.

Visa Mobile Card Services Product Profile


How You and Your Customers Benefit

Boost Revenues While Reducing Service Costs

With Visa mobile card services you can realize:

  • Increased revenues–Grow card usage by increasing confidence in security, building card/brand loyalty, and providing faster access to balance information.
  • Reduced service costs–Minimize call center inquiries by enabling easy access to card information via the app or text alerts.

Strengthen Relationships and Build Loyalty

With mobile card services, your customers gain new, more convenient ways to manage their card accounts while you increase your touch points with them and create a clear path to e-commerce and payment services. It's a natural way to strengthen relationships and build loyalty.

Give Customers the Control and Security They Want

Customers can access and manage card account information from any iPhone or Android device. And with near real-time transaction alerts, fraud detection is greatly enhanced through speedy identification.


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