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Visa DPS' roots are in debit processing it's how and where we got our start in 1996. And through those decades of experience we've built a reliable, comprehensive and flexible solution that can lower your costs, help you realize efficiencies and optimize revenue. We've also focused on new innovations–such as Visa Checkout, EMV and Visa Offers—that will help differentiate your services to improve account acquisition and retention. We're also the largest processor of Visa debit transactions in the world, serving more than 190 million U.S. debit cardholders.

Why Debit?

Key Features of Visa Debit Processing

Visa DPS offers a flexible, reliable and robust platform for all of your transaction processing needs.

With proven and tested reliability, integrated security features, and the advantages of single-point access, Visa DPS authorization services are a smart solution that can help you control costs and improve service.Learn More
Simplify consumer stop payment requests on preauthorized electronic funds transfers—such as automatic bill payments and installment payments—with our cost-effective and efficient method.Learn More
Our state-of-the-art ATM Terminal Driving Service can help to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve your ATM program. By consolidating ATM Terminal Driving with your debit processing, you may be able to enhance the return of your ATM investment.Learn More
Minimize fraud losses and maximize profits with comprehensive risk management services, from suspect activity reporting to advanced neural network fraud detection support. Our innovative fraud risk management services provide you with the added security you need to protect your organization from loss—and boost your program's success.Learn More
To help you better manage your business, Visa Data Manager gives you access to billions of historic transactions and cardholder records stored and managed by Visa DPS. The system automatically gathers and aggregates all your card and acquirer transaction data for you; turns it into easy-to-understand information about cardholders, merchants, ATMs and card activity; and delivers it right to your desktop. Use this powerful data warehouse to gain insights on everything from fraud detection to marketing strategies.Learn More
Visa DPS provides a single settlement position for all of your ATM, debit, credit and prepaid card activity. By integrating daily management and settlement for multiple networks you can save time, reduce costs and minimize hassles.Learn More
Streamline the authorization process by exchanging updated account information electronically with participating issuers, acquirers and merchants. With VAU, you can maintain continuity in the payment relationship even when account information changes—enhancing cardholder convenience while lowering customer service costs.Learn More
Reduce processing costs with a single-point connection to all major ATM/POS networks—including Visa's own PLUS and Interlink networks. When you choose Visa DPS as your network gateway, your financial institution benefits from a full online solution that not only helps you reduce costs and but also enhances back-office efficiency with single-point settlement and exception item processing. Learn More

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Debit Card Products

Visa Debit

A flexible solution for virtually every "pay now" need and preference.

The Visa Debit can be used to pay for purchases quickly and easily. Because it's accepted at millions of places worldwide, it can be used for nearly anything, including restaurants and fast food chains; medical offices; internet/phone orders; movie theaters, dry cleaners, parking, and billers such as utilities, insurance companies, and cable providers. Plus, cardholders can use their cards for cash access at any Visa ATM or member location around the globe.

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How You and Your Customers Benefit

Single-Point Access Provides the Ultimate in Efficiency

Through a single interface with Visa DPS, your institution can consolidate all ATM and point-of-sale processing with a single provider. Service consolidation through Visa DPS minimizes costs, maximizes operational efficiencies, and ensures robust and consistent delivery of payment services to consumers.

Hear Jack's Viewpoint

Jack's a pioneer of debit processing. In fact, he helped build the system from the ground up. Listen as he discusses the consultative approach and truly customized solutions that clients have come to expect from Visa.

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Streamlined Processes Deliver Better Customer Experiences

The Visa DPS platform maximizes your program's efficiency so you can deliver better customer experiences. Spend less time administering the nuts and bolts of your payments program or recovering from fraudulent activity, and more time implementing the new, innovative offerings that Visa is bringing to market.

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