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Visa DPS offers a high-quality, comprehensive ATM Terminal Driving Service that can help you reduce processing costs and enhance the return of your ATM investment. We specialize in a wide range of ATM device types and a variety of cash and non-cash transactions. We also offer special features, including deposit automation and marketing content distribution that can expand the appeal of your ATMs and help increase the revenue streams they generate.

Key Features of Visa ATM Terminal Driving

Visa DPS offers the features you need to succeed, including support for a wide range of equipment and financial transactions.

Visa DPS Cash Management gives you the ability to:

  • View cash usage at the denomination level
  • Group terminals by courier or region
  • Trigger alerts to identify couriers settling incorrectly
  • Forecast based on historical trends and special events
  • Access built-in reporting
  • Analyze ATM Profitability
  • Maintain terminal inventory and contract information
  • Diebold (Opteva series), Bulk Note Acceptor (BNA), Enhanced Note Acceptor (ENA), and Intelligent Depository Module (through IDMbd). Certified through current Agilis software release.
  • NCR (56XX, 58XX and 66XX series) and SCPM, CPM, and SDM support. Certified through current APTRA Edge software release.
  • Triton (9100, 96XX, 97XX, 2000, and 5000 series)
  • Wincor Nixdorf ProCash and CINEO 2XXX series
  • Nautilus Hyosung Triton Emulation cash dispensers and NCR AANDC emulation full function device (April 2014)
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  • Withdrawal
  • Fast cash
  • Balance inquiry
  • Transfer
  • Deposit/payment check or cash (envelope and non-envelope)
  • Check deposit with cash back
  • Reload prepaid card via Readylink
  • PIN-less balance inquiry for prepaid cards
  • Mini statement support
  • PIN change
  • Payment enclosed
  • Gift card dispensing
Receive check MICR and currency data as well as notification of funds availability and posting processes when the transaction is made. You also have detailed receipt options that can display check images and currency breakouts. In addition, we can manage the images captured at your ATM. Check images are sent to us where each check and cash item is translated into an x9. file format for transfer to you via a daily file.

We support no-surcharge alliances1 or surcharges can be added to transactions based on a flat fee or percentage with a minimum or maximum.

  • 1 Participants of no-surcharge alliances agree that their collective ATMs will not surcharge other participants' cardholders. For a list of supported no-surcharge alliances, please see "Visa DPS—Network Gateway Services."
Visa DPS ATM Terminal Driving Service can help you enhance cross–sell and product promotion through customizable receipts, marketing screens, coupon generation, inclusion of video and graphics on the Welcome screen, and graphics on the Please Wait and Thank You screens.Read More
Always know what is happening with your equipment thanks to ad hoc viewing, automated alerts, escalation for faults, dispatch, low cash, and other issues. Remote access allows you to view tickets, dispatch status, and any notifications.
  • Real-time transaction inquiry
  • Access to current and historical totals (cash management, cash adjustments and forced settlement, terminal settlement, group summary)
  • Real-time retrieval of electronic journals
  • More efficient ATM key management with automated generation, storing, and downloading of unique, double-length Terminal Master Key (A-Key) and Communications Key (B-Key)
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  • Detail and summary reports (terminal, foreign vs. on-us, network, transaction type)
  • Suspicious activity
  • Estimated profitability
  • Foreign terminal usage
  • Partial day deposit
  • Large cash transactions
  • Gasper2-generated reports (uptime/downtime, service vendor performance)

Visa DPS ATM Terminal Driving Service supports the following communications protocols and transports:

  • TCP/IP
  • Wireless CDMA
  • Client-owned WAN/LAN/VPN
  • MPLS (Multi Protocol Lateral Switching)
Because Visa DPS ATM Terminal Driving Service uses the Visa network, you have distinct advantages, including a single network solution for all your ATM and POS activities. The solution uses Visa Debit for signature-based purchasing, Interlink® for PIN-based purchasing and cash back, and the Visa/Plus ATM network for ATM transactions. Shared deposit functionality increases the convenience for Plus cardholders.

Visa DPS ATM Terminal Driving Overview Brochure


How You and Your Customers Benefit

Minimize Costs to Maximize Profits

With Visa DPS ATM Terminal Driving, all of your debit card activity happens through a single telecommunications link, making platform maintenance, research and development, testing, and certification costs minimal. Also, our cash management forecasting tool may help you lower cash inventories and reduce cash handling, transportation, and ATM outage expenses.

Create New Revenue Opportunities

Offer non-cash dispense transactions, such as stamps and gift cards, reload Visa Readylink prepaid cards, and use Campaign Management functionality to promote your business.

Cross-sell for Deeper Customer Engagement

Take advantage of flexible ATM-level marketing features such as customizable receipt text, coupon printing, and screen graphics. You can also update marketing screens remotely using the ATM Content Manager application.

Give Customers Greater Convenience With More Features

With the Visa DPS ATM Terminal Driving Service, your users will enjoy an array of features offering greater convenience, including:

  • ATM preferences
  • Self-service transactions (such as payments, PIN change, mini-statement)
  • Bilingual screens
  • Open Account Relationship (OAR)
  • Multiple Account Selections (MAS)
  • Alternate ATM location message
  • Overdraft notification


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