Trends Data

Staying abreast of the latest economic trends can give you the insights you need to make critical decisions. Through Visa's Global Insights Research and Analytics division, Visa DPS is able to share valuable trends data including:

  • Consumer Confidence Trend
  • Business Conditions Trend
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area Signals

Consumer Confidence Trend — August 2016

The Consumer Confidence Trend report represents a monthly summary and analysis of the major indices of consumer confidence, both current and future.


  • Consumer confidence rose in August to a yearly high.
  • Business conditions confidence also advanced.
  • Americans continue to be reluctant to use all their earned vacation time which significantly impacts consumer spending.


Consumer confidence rose in August to a 12-month high as both present situation and future expectations confidence rose. Each of the measures rose four points. A closer look at consumer confidence shows that while present situation confidence past year trend is markedly up, future expectations trend is largely flat. Future worries are being mitigated by a sense that the consumers “present” is satisfactory, and world events such as terrorism and Brexit have not directly impacted consumers as of yet. In addition, despite the lack of enthusiasm for either of the presidential candidates, consumer confidence appears unaffected by this choice dissatisfaction.

August 2016 American Mood Trend Report




Business conditions sentiment rose slightly in August. Those who felt conditions would improve rose one point, and the percentage who felt it would worsen fell one point. The six-point positive confidence gap is at the past year average.

August 2016 American Mood Trend Report


Metropolitan Statistical Area Signals

Visa DPS offers unique insights into economic analysis by combining cardholder spending data with other indexes such as housing, retail and unemployment to gain a more accurate picture of metropolitan statistical area (MSA). MSA signals can be a valuable source of information for current business strategies, including decisions around expense exposure, acquisition costs, credit exposure, footprint expansion and more.

MSA Comparisons between and within regions — Pacific and WNC Regions

Source: March 2014 American Mood Trend Report.

MSA Signals is a one-quarter forward-looking assessment of the economic health of a metropolitan statistical area (MSA), providing quarterly indexed values for each of the 366 U.S. MSAs. Utilizing retail sales, employment, and housing as the primary determinants of economic health, MSA Signals allow for a comparison of MSAs within regions or nationally to determine the MSAs that may be poised for more rapid growth. Therefore, a quicker rebound in one or several of the three categories will result in a higher index score as we see with Spokane in the Pacific region and Fargo in the WNC region above.

More About the MSA Insights Program

Complete detailed regional information, including information for each of the 366 U.S. MSAS, is available for participants of the MSA Insights program. Please contact your Visa representative for information.


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