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Verified by Visa

Visa® Debit Processing Service supports the Verified by Visa service to give your cardholders added Internet shopping security and confidence, while reducing unauthorized transactions and lowering your costs for back-office support for disputed purchases. Using identity information or passwords, Verified by Visa confirms the identity of cardholders during Internet shopping sessions, helping prevent fraudulent purchases before they occur. Visa DPS makes it easy to participate in Verified by Visa, because we support both cardholder registration and ongoing authentication when your cardholders purchase online.

Verified by Visa (VbV) is a proven system that enables participating issuers to authenticate a cardholder—that is, to verify in real time that the purchaser is the owner of the Visa card account used for Internet payment. Verified by Visa gives cardholders confidence that they can use their Visa cards to make Internet purchases without fear of unauthorized use, removing a major obstacle to increased web commerce and generating increased Internet spending.


Increase card usage. Verified by Visa gives cardholders confidence to use their Visa cards to shop on the Internet, which may increase their frequency of Internet purchasing as well as the dollar value of their purchases.

Reduce fraudulent transactions. Participating Verified by Visa Merchants authenticate the cardholder's identity as a part of every Internet purchase.1

Lower operational costs. Verified by Visa reduces the number of chargebacks and disputed transactions related to unauthorized use of Visa cards for Internet purchases.

Improve cardholder retention. Enhanced security benefits of Verified by Visa promote cardholder loyalty.

Benefits of participating in Verified by Visa through Visa Debit Processing Service include:

Simplified cardholder registration and authentication. If your financial institution maintains cardholder account information at Visa DPS, you can use that data to authenticate cardholders during the registration process.

Multiple enrollment options. Visa Debit Processing Service offers four flexible enrollment options to make it easy to generate participation by your cardholders. (See "Key Features" for enrollment options.)

Turnkey cardholder support service. Visa Debit Processing Service can provide turnkey support services, eliminating the need to hire or train in-house staff.

How Verified by Visa Works

Cardholders activate Verified by Visa by authenticating their identity with their card Issuer through Visa DPS. Cardholders then select a personal passwords that becomes their "signature" for Internet purchases. Every time registered cardholders make a purchase at a participating Verified by Visa Merchant, they are automatically prompted by a Verified by Visa window to enter their password and authenticate themselves. Verified by Visa offers the potential to reduce Internet purchasing fraud and customer disputes, because only the cardholder and Issuer know the cardholder's password.

When enrolled cardholders shop at participating Verified by Visa Merchants, their identities are authenticated in three easy steps—simple for both cardholders and merchants:

Key Features

Cardholder registration. Visa Debit Processing Service hosts and maintains a customer registration web site and validates cardholder identity at registration. Visa Debit Processing Service authenticates enrolling cardholders using data you currently maintain in your cardholder file or data that you supply during a $1 pre-authorization transaction. Cardholders do not need new software or hardware on their computers to participate in Verified by Visa.

Enrollment options. Visa Debit Processing Service provides four flexible enrollment options including:

  • Activation anytime. Cardholders visit www.verifiedbyvisa.com and enter their card number. If they are not enrolled in the service, they are asked to complete an activation page. After entering the required identity information, the cardholder creates a password and is congratulated for successfully registering for the service.
  • Full service web site. Cardholders register using a full-function, Issuer-branded Verified by Visa web site maintained by Visa Debit Processing Service. The site allows cardholders to enroll, create a password, and change a pass-word. It also provides cardholders with customer service contact information.
  • Activation during shopping. Cardholders are prompted to enroll during check-out while shopping at participating Verified by Visa merchants. A Verified by Visa pop-up window prompts them to enroll in the service and create a password.
  • Mass enrollment. Cardholders are enrolled automatically in the Verified by Visa service and assigned pre-defined passwords delivered via a secure mailer.

Authentication. Authentication occurs using either data elements that reside within your cardholder file at Visa DPS, such as Social Security Number, or by utilizing data elements for a $1 pre-authorization transaction such as CVV2 or ZIP code.

One or more of the following data fields may be used to authenticate your cardholders during enrollment, depending on the type of cardholder file you send to Visa Debit Processing Service:

Positive Cardholder File. Clients that use a Positive Cardholder File can utilize existing data elements in their card file for authenticating cardholders including:

  • Social Security Number (last 4 digits)
  • Birth date
  • Expiration date
  • Mother's maiden name
  • Home phone number
  • Business phone number

Your choice of authentication tokens is dependent on data elements populated in your cardholder file.

Negative Cardholder File. Clients that use a Negative Cardholder File can utilize data elements present during a $1 pre-authorization transaction including:

  • CVV2
  • Expiration date
  • ZIP code

Online password authentication. Visa Debit Processing Service securely maintains cardholder passwords and authenticates them at time of purchase. Once cardholders have registered, Visa Debit Processing Service manages all Internet purchases that require identity validation. After validating cardholder passwords, Visa Debit Processing Service processes the purchase using standard authorization routines.

Password reset. Cardholders can choose to "re-authenticate" themselves if they forget their password. This minimizes instances of cardholders attempting to guess their password, potentially blocking future use of their card for Internet purchases.

Cardholder support services. Visa Debit Processing Service provides turnkey cardholder support through a customer support service center or, at your option, you may provide your own cardholder support using an administrative console.

Administrative console. The administrative console helps you respond to cardholder inquires and enables your customer service representatives to complete the following tasks:

  • Deactivate/activate accounts
  • Unlock accounts
  • Reset cardholders passwords
  • Issue temporary passwords

Verified by Visa enrollment, card status, and transaction purchase reports are available via the administrative console. The console is easy to navigate and provides the ability to export data for sorting. It also provides information on successful and failed enrollments including identification of cardholders who abandon the Verified by Visa enrollment process. Transaction data is also displayed and can be grouped by day, month, or six-month time periods.

Reports. Visa Debit Processing Service provides comprehensive reports to monitor and track service performance through the administrative console including:

  • Enrollment reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Card Status reports

Exception processing. Visa Debit Processing Service can provide full service exception item processing, or you may provide your own exception processing services using the Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) value for submitting chargebacks.

Email capture and delivery. Visa Debit Processing Service supports a service to send individualized emails based on cardholders actions (e.g., to confirm successful enrollment in the service).

Marketing support. Visa provides a full range of ready-to-go marketing materials to support your Verified by Visa program including:

  • In-branch marketing materials
  • Letter package
  • Self-mailer
  • Messaging and web elements
  • Statement inserts

The Visa Debit Processing Service Advantage

  • Customer-focused. Meeting your payment product and service needs is our business and our priority.
  • Integrated processing solution. Reach your objectives with the Visa solution for success in the debit and prepaid marketplaces.
  • Continuous access and security. You're covered with reliable, state-of-the-art processing and security technology.
  • Single-point connectivity. One connection simplifies your Visa and EFT product processing needs.
  • Proven service. Specialized client team is dedicated to helping you meet your card program goals.

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1 A change to the Visa International and Visa U.S.A. operating regulations, effective April 2003, shifts chargeback liability from the Merchant to the Issuer when a Merchant submits proof that it authenticated—or attempted to authenticate—the cardholder in a Verified by Visa transaction.