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Visa's Prepaid Processing Solution

The Visa® Prepaid Processing Service is a fully integrated, flexible processing solution you can count on to meet your unique prepaid card programs needs.

Featuring a comprehensive set of parameter-driven functions and capabilities – allowing you to customize programs – our highly secure, scalable platform enables you to select only the functions you need. And partnering with the largest issuer processor and retail electronic payments network in the world, means you benefit from Visa’s expertise and processes to manage your card programs the way you want and need them.

The Visa Prepaid Processing Service supports a variety of reloadable and non-reloadable prepaid card products for both consumer and commercial use, including gift, incentive and payroll cards. Visa prepaid cards are welcome everywhere Visa is accepted — at millions of locations worldwide.

Learn how Visa Prepaid Processing can deliver more, so you get more.

Benefits of the Visa Prepaid Processing Service

Visa’s Prepaid Processing promise is to provide you with solutions that enable you to run your business with the reliability, efficiency, customization and security you expect and need for a successful prepaid card program.

Visa has the experience and proven infrastructure you can count on to bring your program to market the way you need to and to keep it running smoothly once you are there.

Here’s how we deliver on that promise.


  • High-volume transaction and issuer processing expertise is available to you from the largest issuer processor of Visa transactions in the world. Benefit from Visa’s experience, success and reliability in processing card programs of all sizes and all types.
  • Stability and Scalability is the hallmark of our highly stable platform and infrastructure, built on Visa’s industry-leading standards and processes.
  • Integrated prepaid solution provides a comprehensive prepaid solution to address all your processing needs, from card management, multiple funding options, authorization services, fraud and compliance management, browser-based access tools to cardholder support services.
  • Dedicated prepaid support services help ensure you are never far from the answers you need. Our dedicated help desk, staffed with prepaid specialists, promptly answer questions and troubleshoot issues.


  • Centralized platform offers a single platform—developed specifically for prepaid cards—for single-point access to transaction processing, settlement, and exception processing for all prepaid product types.
  • Marketplace responsiveness helps ensure you are on the forefront of Visa’s new prepaid technologies and innovations.
  • Speed to market/enhanced operational efficiencies can be achieved by current Visa Debit Processing Service clients by utilizing the current infrastructure and similar processes employed for their debit processing program (e.g., settlement, reporting, exception processing, client services, and telecommunications).


  • Highly configurable system allows you to create prepaid card programs that address your specific marketplace needs and opportunities. Parameter-driven choices support design and management of multiple program types, as well as custom solutions.
  • Client business structure supports multi-level processing and reporting to manage various client business relationships and card types.


  • Integrated fraud and compliance tools are designed specifically for prepaid products, including OFAC/Patriot Act screening, fraud rules, limits, and thresholds—all built into the system. And, because all our fraud tools are parameter-driven, you can ensure they will reflect your risk strategies.
  • Security backed by Visa's industry-leading advanced technology, standards and programs, including Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) compliance, help keep your data and cardholders safe from security breaches.

Key Features

Choose features designed to support your prepaid goals:

Robust System Access Controls

Prepaid Program Administration System (PAS). A browser-based tool to facilitate managing your Visa Prepaid card program’s back-office and account maintenance functions including:

  • Account enrollment and issuance
  • Account maintenance
  • Cardholder customer service
  • Funds and fee management
  • Fraud and compliance management
  • Card inventory management

Prepaid Program Administration Tool (PAT). A browser-based tool to help employers manage their Visa Payroll card programs via an Internet site including:

  • Individual or batch employee enrollment and issuance
  • Account maintenance
  • Employer funds management
  • Employer reporting and statement management
  • Data exports for employer payroll system updates
  • Cardholder customer service
  • Program information

Web Services. Provides clients with a direct, real-time, XML interface to the Visa prepaid processing system for seamless integration with your in-house applications.

Cardholder Website. A client-branded website featuring access to a full range of prepaid card services that can be configured for cardholder self-care and/or card sales.

  • Cardholder Care. Enables cardholders to enroll and register online, activate a card, select a PIN, view balance and transaction history, manage passwords, suspend or reactivate a card and access program information and FAQs.
  • Card Purchase. Allows cardholders to choose from available design selections and purchase via shopping cart.

Voice Response Unit (VRU). An automated phone system for cardholder care that supports balance inquiry, card activation, transaction history, PIN selection, VRU password change, suspend or reactivate a card and transfer to a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

Reliable Prepaid Authorization Services

Authorization Edit Checks. Supports transaction approval/rejection using authorization edit checks, including card verification, available card balance, Address Verification Service (AVS), CVV/CVV2, expiration date and PIN validation. Authorization Tolerances and Holds. Allows clients to modify their authorization parameters, based on Merchant Category Code (MCC), by using the following variables:

  • Authorization Tolerance. Add a specified percentage to the authorization request amount prior to the authorization. This would be used for MCCs, like restaurants, that typically add a tip after authorization.
  • Authorization Hold Time. Assign a specific authorization hold time for MCCs, like airlines and hotels, that typically require more (or less) time before an authorization hold is removed.

Visa POS Balance Inquiry Service. At participating merchants, cardholders can verify the remaining value on their prepaid cards as part of the authorization response printed on their receipt.

Automatic Fuel Dispenser (AFD) Authorization. Enables you to increase the transaction pre-authorization amount used by AFDs to a higher dollar value. The higher amount helps reduce authorization risk by ensuring that sufficient card balance is available.

Visa Partial Authorization. Allows for successful completion of a prepaid transaction in cases where the amount of the authorization request exceeds the available card balance. Instead of declining the request, an approval for a partial amount is returned, thereby facilitating a "split tender" transaction.

Contactless Payments. Visa PayWave, Visa's contactless payments technology, allows cardholders to make purchases simply by waving their cards at the register&emdash;no swiping or signing necessary.

Integrated Fraud and Compliance Management

Fraud Management Service. Combines industry-standard fraud tools, such as Falcon® Fraud Manager, with products and services specifically designed for the prepaid marketplace. The service helps reduce fraud by monitoring and identifying suspect card buyers and recipients, fraudulent enrollment attempts, suspect funding transactions and suspect transactions.

All fraud management tools are parameter-driven and are based on your risk strategies. Fraud mitigation tools include:

  • Front-end enrollment screening
  • OFAC/Patriot Act screening
  • Card activation
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Limits and thresholds
  • Fraud and Flash Fraud Rules
  • Fraud queue monitoring and analysis

Flexible Account Enrollment and Issuance Options

Enrollment Options. New accounts may be established using PAS/PAT, your cardholder website, batch file, CSV file upload or bulk order options.

Instant Issue. Enables you to instantly load and activate prepaid cards at branch, retail or corporate locations for immediate use by cardholders.

Corporate Ordering Service. Allows corporate customers to order large quantities of Visa Gift cards, view purchase history and check order status via a self-service website.

Comprehensive Funding and Fee Management

Funding Options. Visa prepaid cards can be funded using any or all of these methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card Transactions. Accept client-branded and/or foreign issued credit/debit cards for purchase and reloads.
  • ACH Deposits. Send NACHA-formatted files to Visa, up to 4 times per day, for immediate processing.
  • Company Account/Cash. Move funds utilizing tools outside the Visa system.
  • Visa ReadyLink. Allow cardholders to add value to their prepaid cards at participating merchant locations.

Value Reload Options. Let cardholders set their own loading and reloading schedule (with a valid funding account on file). Value reload options include immediate one-time, scheduled one-time, recurring scheduled and low balance. The low balance option automatically reloads value when the low balance trigger, set by the cardholder, is reached.

Cardholder Fee Management. Supports more than 70 fee types for maximum flexibility in assigning fee structures to your prepaid programs. With “Account Disposition,” you can apply dormant account service charges and “Foot Printing” enables you to exclude fees by cardholder/buyer address. Fees can be time, event or transaction-based.

Promotional Codes. Create special fee schedules for promotions. Promotional codes override existing cardholder/buyer fees with a different rate for a pre-defined time period.

Detailed Account Maintenance and Reporting

Card Inventory Management. Provides an automated mechanism for managing card inventory and generating new card stock orders via PAS. Enables you to configure, down to the branch/location level, card inventory and reorder quantities by month and card design. Also checks daily card inventory levels to determine if more cards should be ordered.

Reporting and Data Export. Multi-level daily and monthly card activity reports enable you to reconcile your central funds pool and manage your prepaid programs. Pre-defined offline and on-demand reports are available. A raw data file is also available daily for client data mining and custom report creation.

Cardholder Statements. Supports periodic statements in paper and electronic formats. Cardholders can also view their statements on your cardholder website.

Emails. Automatically generated emails help you communicate with your cardholders about their prepaid cards.

Text Messaging. Allows cardholders to receive text messages regarding their card balances and other transaction information, helping to reduce VRU and call center calls.

Dedicated Client and Cardholder Support

Prepaid Client Help Desk. Dedicated help desk, staffed with prepaid specialists, responds to client inquiries related to prepaid products and platforms to ensure prompt issue resolution. Provides support and troubleshooting for all prepaid tools including PAS, PAT and cardholder websites.

24/7 Cardholder Support Services. Provides full-time and after-hours support for cardholder inquiries, lost/stolen card reporting, address changes, funding questions, balance inquiries and transaction disputes via a dedicated toll-free number specific to your program.

Card Management Services. Supports complete card fulfillment services for issuance and reissuance of card plastics and PIN mailers through multiple card vendors.

Exception Processing. Offers full-service exception and dispute processing, or provides you with the tools you need to process exception items in-house.

Marketing Materials. Visa provides numerous turnkey marketing materials including statement inserts, email templates, card carriers, branch sell-in materials, sample messaging and national promotions.

Supported Prepaid Card Products

Visa Prepaid Processing Service supports the following prepaid card products to meet your strategic goals and customer needs.

  • Visa Gift Cards
  • Visa Incentive / Rebate Cards
  • Visa Payroll Cards
  • Visa General Purpose Reloadable Cards
  • Visa Commercial Cards
  • Visa State and Government Cards
  • Visa TravelMoney Cards
  • Visa Buxx/Teen Cards
  • Private Label Cards

What to Look For in a Prepaid Processing Partner

How Prepaid Cards Can Help Your Business

  • Generate incremental revenue
  • Build a customer base to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Develop new commercial relationships
  • Reach consumers not currently in the financial mainstream
  • Differentiate your company through innovation

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